Saturday, February 17, 2007

Links to good introductory information on the mathematics of networks

Networks as an abstract organizing principle may be one of the most important (or at least fashionable) areas of study in a number of fields, from business to economics to math. I think it will also help designing networks of activists to understand what the laws of networks are. As this article says, "These laws of networks may prove as robust and universal as Newton's laws of motion". We wouldn't design a hangglider without at least a familiarity with gravity, so maybe it will help to study the basics of the new mathematics of networks. And if not, its also just pretty cool to find out about all these rules we never even knew we were following. (And we can't break 'em, if we don't know what they are :) )

"Network Theory's New Math" at CNET

Site about Actor-Network Theory from the University of Colorado.

More on the way, and if you find anything useful, let us know!


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