Thursday, March 22, 2007

Blog Carnival and Trailfire

Sum of My Parts an excellent blog by a researcher studying social networks posted a short time ago (couldn't find that post unfortunately) that she fears the decline of inter-blog conversation. Too many blogs, she was finding, don't talk to each other or cite each other. Rather they site the same pages and papers that other blogs cite.

I am happy to report the discovery of the Blog Carnival . In a Carnival, a blogger will host a theme discussion. Participant bloggers will send in their submissions. Then the host will accept the ones he or she thinks fit the theme and will then post them, and write short responses and descriptions of them.

The effect is to create a group of posts talking to the same issue and to each other. This is an excellent boon to blog conversation, and its great for bloggers (like me!) who are trying to get a little more exposure, and trying to find the community in which they'd like to participate.

Building on Bruce's comment , one could put together a Trailfire trail of all the pieces of a carnival, so one could click through the summary, then the pieces the summary indicates.

I may do that tonight, if I get a chance. But first I must enjoy the beautiful weather. All computer and no outside makes Jack an incomplete individual.

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