Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bridging a cultural divide in America

This post on Campus Progress is an opinion piece in which the author argues that progressive activists have reason to advocate their causes in the southern states. The author concedes the task is difficult because of discrimination in the southern states and elitism in northern ones.

The firestorm of angry responses from conservative individuals, many of whom said they were from southern states, is breathtaking. Response after response rails at the author and the article. The article clearly crossed an inviolable line in the minds of most of the responders. That which must not be criticized was threatened.

While the vehemence of this article is staggering, I've come across this divide elsewhere too, in personal conversations, in news articles. There are groups within the United States that cannot talk to each other, it seems. Our homework for the next 50 years: learn how to bridge that gap. I'm going to try to do some homework on the subject, although I'm also trying to get through some history of the 1960s. Any suggestions on places to look are appreciated.

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