Thursday, March 15, 2007

Idea for commenting on websites

Diigo is a service, like I said in the last post, that could be used for creating commentary on any website. But a person would have to be a Diigo user in order to see the commentary. If Diigo had a competitor in the meta-page industry (I'm calling it that because the comments would make a content-layer with the original page as the foundation and inspiration for the new page) people could only see the commentary of users using their service be it Diigo or something else.

Instead we need a standard for meta-page commenting. My idea is similar to the RSS feeds.

RSS feeds have a button on the page which accesses the feed. Users would access the meta-page by clicking a similar link/button. This would activate the code that comprises the meta page. Bubbles would appear over the content of the page, and a pop-out window would appear which would provide the interface for navigating and adding to the page.

There are numerous challenges - how would bubbles be located on the page? In absolute terms by pixels? Relative terms by locating them within certain page elements? Maybe either one?

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