Monday, March 19, 2007

Storymapping software

So here is a storymapping social network site. It lets you create maps, tag locations on them, add some limited content to the tags, and trace routes as well. The web app is Wayfaring . Here is a simple map I made of the olde Alma Mater with a route to the theater at the neighboring college I would perform at:

You can probably see here that the site is fun to play with, and its social networking element is nice, too, allowing you to share waypoints, maps, etc. You can also track the maps of other users. And it has the most essential feature, the ability to embed the maps you make elsewhere. But I found that it is a little rough still though. The search function didn't seem to work. I entered Haverford, PA and it couldn't find it. I had to drag the map all the way across the country to get to where I wanted to go. Maybe I'm just using it wrong.

Anyway, its a great tool, and I hope it gets better.

ps. This is not even remotely related, but I found episodes of the Original Batman series. Holy Web 2.0, Batman!

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