Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The web and the senses

In the future...

The whole body will be useful for interacting with the web - see this article on full body game controllers .

This article also from the BBC discusses technology for adding scent to the computing experience.

And sound is already essential to the internet experience. Podcasting is everywhere and today I found a very cool site called Odeo, which facilitates sharing sound in mp3 form. I know its hardly the only site that does that - the innovation of Odeo is that they allow you, by giving you an account, to keep an online playlist of songs, syndicate your playlist and preferred channels by RSS or other formats, subscribe to your list on Itunes, and also subscribe to other people's personal channels. This makes it possible for your music to become an easily reached part of your personal internet platform - the customized workbench of tools from many sources that bring you the content that you want.

All this adds up to an internet that is a much more immersive experience. It may even become misleading to call it the internet, as technological connectivity becomes part of everything we do, Everything will be connected in some way to the internet. It won't make sense anymore to define the 'internet' as something different from regular experience.

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