Monday, March 26, 2007

Yack - More meta content

Today I found YackPack , one of the Office 2.0 web applications. This one is for facilitating voice communication among members of a group (a project team, a class, any group, really). There are 3 ways to use the service.

1. Live chat - On YackPack's website or with an embedded widget you can chat live with anyone from your group that is currently online.

2. Messaging - From the site of your group's YackPack, you can record and send messages to other group members.

3. YackCast - Like messaging, except with the YackCast, messages and responses are strung together to create a single audio conversation.

Here is the Talk Lab Yack . I've got a sore throat today so I haven't made any audio messages myself yet.

This is a neat service, but doesn't quite give me what I'd like it to give.

Given the constriction on only group members being allowed to add messages, it enables people who are already working together to talk, but doesn't make it very easy for people who are not already working together to connect.

I think something like blog services offer for commenting would be really useful. A widget could allow people to record responses to the site's YackCast by simply giving their names and websites. I don't think it would be especially vulnerable to spamming because the YackCast records voice.

I'm going to play around with it some more, and maybe put a badge for it on this site.

The YackCast and other Office 2.0 applications are just a little closer to making the mobile office possible. Using online office management tools, everything you'll need to run an organization will be online. Even the data and documents will be available from anywhere you'd like to access it. Who wants to work in a cubicle lit by overhead florescent lights when it will be just as easy to work at home, at Starbucks, by the pool, or anyplace else you'd like?

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