Monday, April 9, 2007

Carnival of Conflict


We find conflict everywhere in our lives. Brothers fight with sisters, kids argue with parents, parents bicker. Every neighborhoods has its share of arguments. National politics seems like its defining characteristic is argument. There is conflict in businesses up and down the ranks. There is international conflict that at times can turn deadly. But no matter in which community a conflict occurs, all conflicts share a few characteristics. Always it is individuals doing the fighting, the dissenting, the arguing. Always in conflict there are choices about how to behave, and serious consequences for those choices.

We tend to understand conflict as a weakness in a community. If our allies disagree with our policy, they're no longer to be trusted as friends. If our significant others dispute with us, there is something wrong with the relationship.

But conflict is not all bad. In fact conflict is an essential part of making any community strong, dynamic and healthy. When conflict is well managed, it makes all parties to it, as well as the community as a whole, more powerful and more cohesive. We need conflict in our politics and society. And we need to understand how to use it, too. We need to understand how dissent becomes resentment, and disagreement becomes violence. Our society needs conflict, and it needs it to be well managed and productive, not destructive.

The Carnival of Conflict is for sharing perspectives, experiences, opinions and research on conflict of all kinds. The Carnival is for making connections across disciplines, genres and all kinds of other barriers. It is for exploring how people cultivate positive, healthy kinds of conflict into our lives and politics.

Rules for submission

The Carnival of Conflict is open to all perspectives on cultivating healthy dissent.
Personal stories, scholarly analysis, vlogs and much more all can share equal space on the Carnival.

The Carnival will post on the last Tuesday of every month. More often if there is enough volume. Send your submissions to nathan dot c dot vogel at

The host (for now, that's me ) will read all the submissions and include as many of them as possible. Its the host's discretion if posts seem inappropriate, or if there are too many and some must be left out.

The bottom line is: we want to hear your point of view. Who knows what associations of ideas and principles and people are possible? So have fun, submit your piece, and enjoy the Carnival.



UPDATE: If you don't have a blog, but would like to contribute, no problem! Of course, you could just start a blog here or here. But if not, you can email me your submission to nathan dot c dot vogel at (In the future I'll look for a more elegant way of helping you post without having an actual blog) I look forward to hearing from you.

UPDATE 2: You can add the badge for this carnival using the code here

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