Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Excellent article on activism technology

The excellent blog of (colon: Tools Models and Ideas for building a Bright Green Future) has posted an even more excellent article about mobile phones and activism. You can (and please do) read the article here.

I really appreciate the implied point about how significantly the civic culture is influenced by the available technology. It reinforces the point that the community of people working on improving civic culture in the united States has a really big stake in paying attention to and working on improving communication technology.

In the US, because we use mobile phones differently (because of how the system is set up), digital activism seems to be limited to people on their computers. We haven't had episodes of mobiles being used to create instant protests. Maybe there are other reasons for that too - maybe our social groups are too fragmented and diffused to use digital means to contact people who could protest locally?

I dunno. But that is one of the great things about the article - it raises a lot of fascinating questions.

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