Thursday, April 19, 2007, Forum on Sustainable Economy. is an exciting new addition to the Web 2.0. It is a site that offers videos of lectures from all across the country, from professors in their armchairs to conferences to actors' interviews to politicians' speeches. It also invites users to comment, add new content, and discuss on forums.

Its motto: "The World is Thinking". It (and similar programs) demonstrates there is a mass market for thoughtful, thought-provoking, educational media., linked with YouTube, could support some deep conversations.

I recommend a video that I watched. Capitalism 3.0 is a panel hosted by the California Commonwealth Club with leaders in the field of Fair Trade and socially responsible business.

They made the two most important points for advocates of a socially responsible economy:

1. There are great things happening, and capitalism IS compatible with social responsibility, and

2. But don't let down your guard - building a responsible, sustainable economy requires constant work. And there will be cheaters, companies that try to capitalize on the popularity of "organic" products or "all-natural" or "fair-trade". One speaker stressed that advocates must constantly work to raise the bar, to re-define and improve the requirements for sustainability.

The backbone of the sustainable economy is consumers choosing to buy sustainable products from responsible companies, even if they cost more.

And the other point I liked: Workplaces in a responsible economy must nurture and develop the creativity of their employees, must make their working environments pleasant and healthy. Factories for products and services are out - boutiques are in.

One last thing: Does anybody know what kind of effects all this web 2.0 stuff is having on the habit of association-forming of Americans? Is all this digital connectivity sparking other kinds of organizing as well?

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