Saturday, April 21, 2007

Now with a Diigo meta-page!

So I'm trying this out - I want to add something to Talk Lab that will provide a space for conversation, not just about a particular post, but about the whole page. i.e., you'd be able to push a button and on the page would appear comments people have made about any part of it - the title, a post, a widget.

I've found one way of doing this, although its not perfect.

is a social annotation service. Its plus comments. With Diigo, you not only keep bookmarks and share them with others, you also can highlight and comment on sites. These annotations can be public or private. The public annotations are, as Diigo puts it, its like "a giant transparency overlaying on top of all the web pages."

Its not ideal, though, because in order to see the annotations, you have to sign up with Diigo. Its free (I wouldn't use it otherwise), but its a pain, if its not something you want to do anyway.

But to see this page's Diigo meta-page, use the "Diigolet" here. There is no download necessary, just drag the appropriate image to your bookmark bar. I haven't tested it yet, but they may require you to sign up to use it.

This is an experiment, so your feedback is very valuable. What do you think of this? How does this work? Do you know of better alternatives?

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