Sunday, April 1, 2007

Project proposal

Dear Reader,
I'll be away for a couple of days visiting family in Missouri. So besides an occasional cell phone photo + caption I won't be posting. But while I'm away, I would like to start a discussion about a project I am thinking about.

I'd like to share the stories and strategies of a range of student leaders - across the US, if I can. There are a few different reasons why I'm interested in this. First, there are so many stories that deserve telling, including many worthy stories of the triumphs and tragedies of creative students, and I'd love to help get a few of them told. Second, my own experience has shown me, and this book about the SDS and Haber (and many other works) has reinforced, that one of the major reasons that student movements don't last, and the creativity, hard work, experience, energy and intelligence of student leaders doesn't accumulate in the projects they begin is because of the lack of a community of youth social leadership whose memory is longer than the few years of the average college education. There are so many programs for creating that community - Idealist, Campus Progress and so many more. And they are all doing a wonderful job. But it'd be nice, I think, to have one more voice talking about what young people are doing to develop participatory politics. And what if it caught on as, like, a thing to do? To share and talk about stories and strategies for local, regional and national activism? Activism doesn't have yet very effective tools for sharing, developing and critiquing ideas and action. Maybe the best way to do that is to help the community develop the tools, and maybe this could help that process.

So that's my idea. I'd love to hear what you think of it, and if you have suggestions for people I should interview, I'd love to hear those ideas too. You can comment on the blog, and you can also email me: nathan dot c dot vogel at


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