Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Good Job MySpace

Clearly, we want internet spaces to be safe for their users, and sex predation is a particularly disgusting form of online violence. But when "North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper said 'it's sad that MySpace is going to protect the privacy of sex offenders over the safety of children",( CNN did he really think sex offenders were the only issue?

MySpace takes the position that it will only disclose private information "when proper legal processes are followed." The Attorney Generals of several states did not follow those processes when they sent a letter to MySpace requesting the information.

We want an internet safe from predation, and we also want an internet in which private information can only be shared with third parties (including the government) through open processes enacted by accountable individuals. MySpace is not choosing sex offenders over children. It is choosing rule of law over rule of government officials.

Many in government today seem to feel that as representatives of the law, law does not apply to them. Thank you, MySpace, for taking a stand for individuals' rights.

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