Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Joining Twitter and MySpace MyVote

Well, I decided to try Twitter. I don't expect to use it a lot, cause I'm not really in a Twitter-ing community...That is something I think doesn't get discussed a lot in the blogosphere: The idea of blogging still seems a little silly/unintellectual/nerdy/some combination of those to a lot of people. And its also inconvenient to many, as well - you have to be able to send a lot of text messages to use it when you're not at a computer. And text messages in the US are not as cheap as they might be. Twitter, then, must be a tool mostly for those who've got some cash to spend.

Rheingold in Smart Mobs talked about the Japanese mobile internet model, which is oriented towards youth customers without a lot of money to spend. Contrast that to the American model - serving corporate customers who can afford to spend. And different cultures emerge around these models. One is accessible and appealing to mass society and the other, while appealing, is very elite. If the web 2.0 is to deepen democracy, it has to be available to everybody, not just people who ALREADY have political power.

One idea in this vein: Heather Hopkins found that MySpace users are less likely to vote than others. Maybe we could launch a campaign to use MySpace to get people to vote and talk about the elections?

Anyway, here is my Twitter badge.

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