Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Videos of Presidential Candidates: Clinton at Rutgers from Fora.tv

I'll be trying to find as many online videos of Presidential Candidates as I can and posting them to Talk Lab. I hope you'll help collect them too. To see all the videos, at least until there is a better repository for them, go to the Candidate Video label on blog posts.

This way, whether its on YouTube, Fora.tv, CSPAN, or anywhere else, we'll have a single source for finding candidates videos, and talking about them too :)

If you know of videos I should include, please let me know, through the comments section or email.

Here's the first: Senator Clinton speaking on Women and Politics at Rutgers University. She does a good job with this speech. The first big chunk is weighed down by tributes of various kinds. Senatorial shout-outs, as it were. But later, when she starts talking about her two main points, she is animated, interesting to hear and even entertaining and thoughtprovoking.

The two main points:
1) Women are a vital force in American Politics.
2) Politics matters. Social change through politics really happens, despite popular myths to the contrary. She gives excellent stories and descriptions of of how political change has improved opportunities for women even during her lifetime.

ps. I recommend skipping a lot of the beginning announcements and tributes. You've heard all that before.

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