Monday, June 4, 2007

Carnival of Maryland, 8th Edition

Though she is but small, she is fierce

says Helena about Hermia in A Midsummer Night's Dream. This edition of the Carnival of Maryland shows that the Old Line state is likewise small but home to many fiercly dedicated to a wide variety of pursuits, from nature to politics and from gaming to graduation.

Which highlights a classic connundrum of our age. How are we to celebrate and promote diversity of perspectives and then draw particular lessons from what we have experienced? Each of us, after seeing these posts, understands "Maryland" a little differently. For me, I feel a little closer now to the state's urban life - its baseball, its bookstores, and to its local government. How do the posts of this edition influence your perception of Maryland?

Derek theorizes about Blizzard's Next Move: The Future After Starcraft II

Images of one of Maryland's best known migratory bird species at Geese in the summer by The Ridger.

Stan Modjesky considers contemporary literary culture from a book-seller's perspective in Book-burning in Kansas City.

A 50 year plan: Social Security by Michael Swartz provides an analysis of social security.

Alwitt Xu provides a list of CSS resources for web design at CSS Tools Collection.

Soccer Dad expresses sympathy for the travails of Orioles' manager, Sam Perlezzo in Embattled.

Exhasperated with overcrowded schools and irresponsible development, John Harris proposes, Wicomico County should enact a building moratorium.

John Harris also shares his perspective on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan in Let us finish our mission.

Commencement by therapydoc explores the author's complicated relationship to graduations. We love them, we dread them, we anticipate them eagerly, and they bore us silly. Why, in the end, do we do it?

Joyce Dowling writes about events in Prince George's County including a Juneteenth even on Creating a Jubilee County: Price George's Co., MD.

Joining the celebration of Rachel Carson's centenary, Pinenut writes about Carson, her connection to Silver Spring, and the events commemorating her life today in Rachel Carson's Silver Spring.


I hope you have enjoyed the Carnival of Maryland, and I hope you will consider submitting your work to the next edition. Find out how here.


UU-Mom said...

Nice article. Thanks for the mention. There's more from the home page of Creating a Jubilee World if anyone's interested.

ShoreThings said...

Thanks for including ShoreThings in your carnival.

pinenut said...

Thanks for a well-done carnival. I like your Carnival of Conflict, too.