Monday, August 6, 2007

Tonight at rehearsal

Tonight at rehearsal for Anything Goes the male voices were, as usual, a great deal quieter than the ladies'. The women, especially the younger school-aged ones were pretty confident with their parts, even when reading them for the first time. The guys sat nervously and affected macho poses while trying to make sure that wrong notes were too soft to be noticed.

The effect endured when we took a break. Many of the women chatted and most of us men sat with our arms folded or eyes buried pointlessly in sheet music. Real men, we all know, aren't "chatty" (Although research shows men and women talk equally much - manly stoicism is a story we tell and impose)

What difference does our hard concepts of masculinity impose on our government and culture, I wonder? At the least, our community theater might be better. At best?

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