Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Playing with "lifestreaming"

After reading this article about "lifestreaming", I got a little curious.

Lifestreaming is apparently a name for software that aggregates all the feeds that you create on the web. For example, your del.icio.us posts, your blog posts, your Flickr posts, your Facebook status posts, etc. all have RSS feeds, and you can tell your lifestreaming service to automatically aggregate all those feeds to create a kind of uber blog.

To show that its different from a blog, some are experimenting with different layouts, such as posts that scroll horizontally like a timeline rather than vertically like a traditional blog.

I'm not really sure what use they are. I could see how it could be usefull for me to look at my own "lifestream" to remember something important I tagged or something on the Internets. But I'm not sure how other people would use a person's lifestream. Or why they would bother.

But in the interests of finding out, I made one, here. So far I'm still not sure why someone else might want to read it, but it is kind of fun seeing all the stuff I've been posting. Heck, its got me posting two blog posts in a row!

Perhaps, though, that's only productivity borne of novelty. We'll see!

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